Paul Monteagle

Paul Monteagle began to paint when he was young. Early success, together with encouragement from his teachers (particularly Clive Perry and Randolf Flood) soon gave him the conviction that what he could do, he should do. The work of painters like Max Ernst and Andrew Wyeth; music; and most importantly, the group Yes and the work of Roger Dean, shaped his early development. Later, his work was guided by art directors David Howells, Tony James, Ray Rimell, Chris Gannon; fellow artist Andy Zermanski; and St. Martin's School of Art tutor, David Tindle.

He is a renowned artist in the world of science-fiction - having illustrated many books which have been widely printed and distributed, he has also designed album/CD covers for bands (the most famous of which is the album cover for "The Best of Judas Priest"), and designed a large number of covers for plastic-kit boxes (including Airfix).

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